Best Black Friday Deals For Home Cooks

Get a copy of Comfort MOB for dirt cheap as well as half-price Le Creuset and loads more kitchen kit in a Black Friday deal. Cheap soup maker? You're in luck.
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I don't really "get" Black Friday. Ever since working in Primark as a uni student, I've always been wary of sales. They've generally left a bad taste in my mouth – yet another glaring example of consumerism running rampant and convincing us all that the only route to happiness is through the purchase of a half-price Amazon Echo.

That being said, Comfort MOB is getting involved in Black Friday this year and will be available for a budget price from Friday 26th to Saturday 27th of November. That's an incredible bargain and even the most ardent anti-capitalist will find it hard to argue against the merits of purchasing a cookbook packed with 100 superb recipes. We’re also not alone in getting involved in offering some enticing sales. Loads of excellent kitchenware and cookware brands are offering some astonishing deals on some of their best products. There’s plenty of Black Friday deals for home cooks out there and, whether you’re looking to treat yourself or the person who cooks you dinner every night, we’d suggest checking out some of these cracking deals.

Always Pan – Was £125, now £85

Always Pan lav 8 1000x

Reduced from £125 down to £85, this cult pan is a real jack of all trades. The Always Pan can braise, fry, boil, sear, steam, and sauté with the best of them. The nonstick ceramic coating is free from any toxins and means you’ll never lose a scrap of your crispy chicken skin to the bottom of the pan ever again. The perfect Black Friday bargain for someone that’s always wanted a pan that looks cute.

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Chilly's Neon Yellow Reusable Water Bottle – Was £20, now £10

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Not only does this reusable water bottle look great (like the sort of thing you could take to a rave without looking out of place) but it's also really, really good at keeping your drinks at the perfect temperature. Whether you want to keep your coffee piping hot or your fruit and barley squash adequately cold, these bottles are worth a punt. Available for half-price this black friday, they're also an absolute bargain.

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SodaStream – Was £99.99, now £49.98

Soda Stream

Sparkling water is just great. Anyone who says it tastes like “angry water” or “TV static” needs to grow up. The most affordable way to have easy access to as much sparkling water as you want is through one of these handy SodaStreams. Available for just £49.98 (a £50 reduction from its original price), this is definitely a bit of kit worth having around the office.

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HuskeeCup – Was £14, now £10.50

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The HuskeeCup is a nifty reusable coffee cup that looks a bit like something Timothée Chalamet would drink out of in Dune. Which is, trust me, the highest compliment I can give a coffee cup. They're great for the environment (saving you from buying disposable coffee cups and all) and are even available for a reasonable 30% off during Black Friday. That's a very good deal from a very good company.

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Le Creuset Casserole – Was £230, now £139

Le Cres

Le Creuset’s cast-iron casserole dish is an absolute icon. It’s what every novice cook dreams of owning one day. One of the problems with Le Creuset, though, is its price. Nothing good in life comes cheap and all of Le Creuset’s products are very good and very expensive. That being said, this Black Friday you can get a casserole dish (and a load of other LC gear) for half-price. That’s right – this casserole dish is now 50% off. Go on. Get it.

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Japanese Knife Duo – Was £69, now £41.40

EM0063 Japanese Knife Duo Santoku Nakiri overhead 1000x1000

A quality knife is an excellent gift and the fact that this Japanese knife duo is available on the Souschef site for such a cutthroat (pun very much intended) price has got me all kinds of excited. Featuring two different styles of knives that are both perfectly suited for slicing, dicing, mincing, and chopping, this might just be the best deal you're going to get this Black Friday.

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Nespresso Coffee Machine – Was £179, now £69


Coffee is one of the few drugs you can consume on a daily basis and still be considered a functioning member of society. Having a quick and easy caffeine fix in your home or office isn’t excellent way to up your productivity but it’s also the closest you’re going to get to pretending you’re George Clooney. This Nespresso is an excellent Black Friday deal for home cooks. Even if you’re not a coffee drinker. Yet.

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Tefal 4-Slice Toaster – Was £94.99, now £49.99


Tefal doesn’t just make great frying pans: they make great toasters, too. This nifty 4-slice has had a £45 reduction, making it the perfect purchase for the tiny one-bed you’ve just moved into with your partner. Whether you get it in brown, black, or silver/grey, this is a suave bit of kit. A lean, mean, toasting machine.

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Hoover Microwave – Was £250, now £99.99


No, I didn’t know that Hoover made microwaves either. But if this bad boy is anywhere near as good as Hoover’s, er, hoovers then it’s definitely worth adding to your wishlist this year. The fact it’s reduced by about a hundred quid and comes with a special grill function is just the sugar on top.

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Delonghi 4-Slice Toaster – Was £99.99, now £49


This retro toaster from Delonghi is a real sight for sore eyes. Its metallic shine is super eye-catching, making it the perfect accompaniment for your already great-looking kitchen. It’s not cheap, cheap but it’s a great Black Friday deal when you consider it’s original price. Oh, and it’s got a bagel function – something I’m now certain I can’t live my life without.

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Bosch Coffee Machine – Was £79.99, now £29

Bosch Coffee

Coffee pod machines aren’t always the most cost-efficient way of upgrading your instant coffee habit but the discount on this Bosch coffee machine is super pocket-friendly. For just £29 you can get yourself a coffee machine that can produce up to 80 types of coffee thanks to the myriad of different pods available.

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Denby Mug Set – Was £26, now £13


Don’t be a mug and miss out on this bargain, mate. Denby is a brand that’s renowned for their quality products and it’s not often that you can get your mitts on some of their stuff for half-price. John Lewis are offering a Black Friday 50% discount on this mug set, however, and it’s one you should definitely make the most of. Especially all you tea addicts out there.

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Joseph Joseph Index Chopping Board Set – Was £54.99, now £38.49

Chopping Boards

If we’re talking about the best Black Friday deals for home cooks, we can’t ignore this deal from Lakeland on a set of very nice chopping boards. These are also the perfect chopping boards to make your food prep quicker and safer than ever before due to the fact they’re indexed so you don’t go about mixing up your raw meat chopping board with your raw veg one. Plus, they’re dishwasher safe and minimal effort to clean up. If you’ve been meaning to get yourself a quality set of chopping boards for a while now, take this as a sign that it’s time to make that purchase.

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NutriBullet NBLP9 900W – Was £89.99, now £67.99


This is the Rolls Royce of blenders, Mob. Coming in at just £67.99 thanks to a solid Black Friday reduction, this NutriBullet is one of the best deals for home cooks looking to increase their daily juice and smoothie intake. Our video producer Louis is big on his protein shakes and I just know he’d die to have one of these at home.

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Tower T11005 Bread Maker – Was £99, now £69.

Bread Maker

Nothing beats the smell of freshly baked bread. Except maybe a bargain. Available for a very “nice” price of £69, this bread maker from Tower can help you make everything from sourdough and wholemeal to actually-good gluten-free loaves. Perfect for the sandwich fiends.

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Cuisinart Soup Maker Plus SSB3U – Was £139.99, now £79.99


Cuisinart is a quality brand that makes quality products. They are, however, pretty aspirational and a lot of their gear is something that you’re unlikely to buy yourself unless you’ve just come into some serious windfall. Black Friday is the great leveller, however, and you can get this gorgeous soup maker for just £79.99. It’s a powerful bit of kit that’s perfect for making, in the immortal words of Adam Driver, “good soup”.

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