Best BBQ Delivery Boxes

Save yourself the trouble of lugging back loads of meat from the shops and just get yourself one of these ace nationwide BBQ delivery boxes instead.
Best BBQ Delivery Boxes 4 X5
The Ginger Pig's BBQ box is one to remember.

It’s summer. That means two things: 1) It’s now socially acceptable to start playing Wiley’s ‘Heat Wave’ on full blast, and 2) It’s now officially barbecue season. We’ve already offered you some expert barbecue tips and highlighted some of the best barbecue joints you can go and eat at but what happens when, on that one day where the sun is absolutely going for it, the supermarkets have all sold out of decent meat. What happens when your local butcher laughs at you when you walk in, dangerously unprepared for the occasion and slathered in SPF, and ask him – voice wavering – for a packet of “nice burgers, please”.

Well, luckily for you, there’s a solution to that problem. And that solution is to get a BBQ delivery box from some of the nation’s very best restaurants and butchers. These hand-selected and expertly curated BBQ delivery boxes can come packed with everything from Thai sausages to whole chickens and take all the stress out of deciding what to grill for your guests. Most of them are even filled with an arsenal of sides to take that worry out of the equation, too.

From Ginger Pig to Mac & Wild, these are the best BBQ delivery boxes that you can get dropped off at your door in all their meaty glory.

Pitt Cue – Pulled Pork Buns

Restaurant Kits Pitt Cue Sliders 2

Pitt Cue has launched a BBQ box with the folks at Restaurant Kits, providing you with everything you need to recreate Pitt Cue’s signature pulled pork in all its finger-licking, smoke-infused glory. The kit includes a shoulder of British rare-breed pork that’s been rubbed with a signature blend of herbs and spices and smoked slowly over hardwood. It’s peng. And alongside that all that porky goodness, you’ll also get a selection of crunchy vinegar slaw, bread and butter pickles, BBQ mayo, and hot sauce. That sounds like a bit of me, all right.

£28 (serves 2), £45 (serves 4), order here.

Gunpowder – Indian Summer BBQ Box

Gun Powder

Each of these Indian summer BBQ boxes from Gunpowder is packed full of grillable goods that show off what the restaurant does best. The dishes are composed of quality, sustainably sourced produce and spotlight some of the greatest flavours from all across India. There Keralan beef sirloin from the south; Hispi cabbage from the mountains in the northeast and wild garlic Hariyali chicken kebabs from the heart of India. Whack all of that – along with some pork vindaloo sausages and some cheeky slaw – into a pav silk bun loaded with sauces and chutneys and you’ll be eating well, my friend.

£120 (serves 4-6), order here.

Sarap BAon – Inasal Poussin Box

Restaurant Kits Sarap Filipino Inasal Pouissan kit 13

Sarap’s Filipino inasal poussin kit (created in collaboration with Restaurant Kits) steers away from your typical meat-heavy, American-style BBQ and celebrates Filipino fire cooking instead. This kit includes inasal poussin, slow-cooked in Annatto chicken fat on the BBQ, served alongside jasmine rice and spicy coconut stewed kale with freshly chopped chillies. The sawsawan dipping sauce is next level.

£38 (serves 2), £58 (serves 4), order here.

AngloThai – Hot Dog


AngloThai has partnered up with family-run butcher HG Walter once again this summer to bring back their AngloThai Hot Dog kits for a limited time. The kit features four handmade British pork sausages that have been laced with fresh red curry paste, aromatic Asain herbs and toasted dry spices. It’s a recipe inspired by the traditional sai ua sausages found in regions of Northern Thailand and, when rammed into a soft and buttery Paul Rhodes hot dog bun with sweet pickled onions and crispy fried onions, it becomes one of the best damn hot dogs you’ll ever eat.

£30 (serves 4), order here.

Ginger Pig – Braybrooke x Ginger Pig BBQ Box

Ginger Pig

Acclaimed butchers The Ginger Pig have collaborated with craft lager specialists Braybrooke Beer. Co on a badass BBQ box. Available throughout July and August, this box includes a selection of sustainably sourced British beef and pork paired with Braybrooke’s signature, refreshing Keller Lager. That includes signature handmade sausages, hand-pressed chuck steak and aged rib cab burgers, a T-Bone steak, aged rump steaks and proper pork chops. As for the beer? Well, expect a 5-litre Braybrooke Keller Lager mini-keg plus two glass tankards if you live in London or 6 x 330ml bottles of the Keller Lager, plus two Willi Becher glasses if you live outside.

£90 (serves 8), order here.

Field&Flower – Summer Essentials BBQ Box

Fieldand Flower Ed Schofield 81
Now, this is some serious tucker. Photograph: Ed Schofield.

Field&Flower work exclusively with independent British farmers and fishermen who care about animal welfare and sustainability, taking care to source the very best from the nation’s lands and sea. That means you can tuck into a box full of free-range meat and sustainably sourced fish with absolutely zero guilt. This summer essentials box is a must-have if you’ve having someone over that you really want to impress with your grill skills. It comes filled with grass-fed sliders, farmhouse pork sausages, teriyaki beef skewers, lamb kofte, and herby chicken thighs. Yes, sir.

£22 (serves 2), order here.

Flank – Sticky BBQ Milk Bun Box

Restaurant Kits Tom Griffiths BBQ Milk Bun Box 7

This handy kit from Tom Griffiths, Chef Director at FLANK, includes all you’ll need to cobble together six sticky BBQ milk buns that’ll have you questioning why anyone on the planet would ever choose to be a vegetarian. How does having a bit of smoked ox cheek – topped with burnt chilli sambal, BBQ beef glaze, salted pretzel crumble, and sweet pickles – wedged inside a soft and sweet milk-glazed bun sound to you? Because that, alongside a portion of chunky chips, sounds pretty grand to me.

£22 (serves 2), order here.

FishWorks – BBQ Box

PROG A1 Fishworks 12th May 21 20

Take your barbecue game to the next level with FishWorks Restaurant & Fishmonger’s brand-new BBQ kits, available for nationwide delivery. Filled to the bream (sorry) with the finest fish delivered daily from the shores of Cornwall and Devon, each two-person kit comes with sourdough bread, homemade taramasalata, six Argentinian king prawns, four sardines, and two whole marinated sea breams. There’s also the option to double-up with a larger kit to feed four if you’ve got more friends to feed or if you’re just really, really hungry for top-quality seafood.

£45 (serves 2), £75 (serves 4), order here.

Tommy Banks – Made In Oldstead Box

Made In Oldstead BBQ Box2

The incredibly talented (and incredibly handsome) Tommy Banks, of Michelin-starred The Black Swan and Roots, has launched a BBQ Box that’s available nationwide every Friday throughout the summer. The box, designed to be finished off on your BBQ or grill at home, features three main dishes, dessert, sides, condiments, and easy-to-follow instructions. Mains include the likes of slow-cooked short rib, black garlic-glazed beef brisket, and croup steak while side dishes such as macerated tomatoes, charred baby gem lettuce, white cabbage kimchi, and roasted potatoes tossed in a hay-infused oil round off the banging menu along with plenty of condiments and a strawberry and elderflower cheesecake to finish. Yes, please.

£90 (serves 2), £170 (serves 4), order here.

Bocca Di Lupo – Grill Box

Steven Joyce Bocca Di Lupo
Bocca Di Lupo do a mean BBQ delivery box. Photograph: Steven Joyce.

Bocca Di Lupo has launched a pick & mix BBQ grill box where you can create your very own barbecue spread of Italian-leaning grilled dishes. Here’s how it works: you start off with a starter and dessert box filled with roast peppers and burrata; a hearty portion of smoked ricotta with grilled aubergines; and tiramisù. After that, it’s up to you to pick what you want from meaty options like a whole brined spring chicken; a quarter of an octopus with gremolata; a veal and pork Salsiccia Leccese; or a sirloin of 28-day aged ex-dairy cow. There’s veggie options, too, but really it’s the meat you should be making the most of, mate.

The starters and dessert kit is priced at £36 for 2 people, with additional dishes ranging from £9.50 to £47. Order here.

DJ BBQ – Pork Shoulder Buns & Grandma’s Cookies

Restaurant Kits DJ BBQ 1

Christian Stevenson (or ‘DJ BBQ’ as he’s taken to calling himself) has created this banging barbecue box that features everything you’d ever want (or need) to make eight smoked pork shoulder sliders and a batch of chocolate chip cookies. That’s right, unsheath this cardboard delight and you’ll be greeted by the sight of smoked pork shoulder, brioche buns, spiced finishing salt, Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce, pickled red chilli, crispy onions, a tangy slaw, smoky potato salad, and – of course – a fat lot of ‘Grandmas’ chocolate chip cookie dough so you can make freshly-made cookies at home. It doesn’t get better than that, really.

£36 (serves 2), £50 (serves 4), order here.

Cue Point – Birria Naco Meal Kit

Cue Point Credit Caitlin Isola 65
Cue Point know a thing or two about barbecue. Photograph: Caitlin Isola.

Cue Point is one of London’s best barbecue joints and this is one of the best BBQ delivery boxes on the market. The beef barbacoa alone should be enough to have you salivating but the fact that that parcel of tender meat comes with pillowy nacos (that’s what you get if you cross a naan with a taco) as well as zingy coleslaw, za’atar smashed potatoes, and plenty of Afghan chutney and sour cream is what makes this the ultimate BBQ box. Get involved. Now.

£45 (serves 2), order here.

Berber and Q

Restaurant image16216844207661621684417424 Berber Q Lamb2

Chef Josh Katz of Berber & Q (who was once kind enough to share his expert barbecue tips with us) has knocked it out of the park with this Middle Eastern-ish Moroccan Lamb Mechoui BBQ box. A dish traditionally cooked underground over hot coals in northern Africa, this tender lamb centrepiece comes with a trio of sides including beetroot salad with candied orange peel and fresh herbs; cumin carrots in a herb-laced oil; and hummus. It’s big and very beautiful.

£70 (serves 4), order here.

Provenance Village Butcher – Provenance BBQ Box

Provenance Bundles 9

One of the secrets to having the perfect barbecue is ensuring that you only use the highest quality meat available. If you’re looking for an easy way to do just that then you should have your eyes on the BBQ delivery boxes that Provenance Village Butcher is divvying out. This Provenance BBQ Box is a showcase of the butcher’s favourite meats. That means we’re talking tandoori lamb cutlets; six sausages of your choosing; Korean-marinated bavette; char siu pork skewers; chicken satay skewers; chicken burgers; beef burgers; slaw; mac and cheese; and an entire bottle of ketchup. I challenge you to find anyone who wouldn’t be over the moon with that spread right there. And, no, vegans don’t count.

£75 (serves 4-6), order here.

On The Table – BBQ Feast Box

On The Table BBQ Feast Box

Recipe delivery service, On The Table has launched a five-course BBQ that’s perfect for anyone looking to host a memorable barbecue this summer. Expect sharing plates of bruschetta with stracciatella and confit cherry tomatoes along with zesty raw fennel and orange salad to start followed by native breed steak and lamb and pork chops from Swaledale as your main. Sides of sauteed purple broccoli, a seasonal salad of Natoora veg, and plenty of sauces also come with and the option to add a biodynamic bottle of wine on top is almost too tempting to pass up.

£90 (serves 4), order here.

Mac & Wild – Fire Pit Feast

Mac Wild Fire Pit Feast 3

Restaurant Kits have teamed up with Mac & Wild to create this epic ‘Fire Pit Feast’ that arrives with a colourful array of Mac & Wild’s BBQ favourites. Expect 1kg of Tomahawk steak, beef and whisky sausages, lamb cutlets, and beef fat potatoes alongside charred baby gem, heritage tomato salad and flatbreads to mop up all of the inevitable, unavoidable meaty juices. This BBQ delivery box is large and in charge, my friend.

£120 (serves 6), order here.

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