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Big news, Mob: we've got a new cookbook coming out. It's called Mob 6. And the aim of Mob 6 is simple. We want to prove that you can cook something special – not just a half-decent dinner but a memorable meal your mates will be raving about for years to come – using just 6 ingredients. It might not sound like a lot of ingredients, but that’s kind of the point. Cooking doesn’t have to be ridiculously complicated or expensive to be delicious.

The book is coming out on September 14th but you can pre-order now from a number of retailers to save yourself some cash in the long run. If you choose to pre-order through Amazon, for example, they offer what they call a best price guarantee. This means that if the price of the cookbook decreases prior to the release date, you will only be billed for the lowest price. Plus, your payment will be processed only when the book is dispatched.

Every recipe in our new cookbook maximises on flavour and provides a fresh, exciting and genuinely innovative example of what you can make from very little. It's always been our mission to make recipes that are affordable and accessible for all, and with every recipe in this cookbook using just six easy-to-find ingredients, we're confident Mob 6 achieves that aim.

You won’t find any precious, overly complex recipes here – just 6 simple ingredients that, when combined correctly, produce some killer dishes. Don’t let the simplicity fool you: these recipes are anything but basic.

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